Brandweek Retools Website, Picks ‘Superbrands’

brandweek superbrands.jpgWhen embarking on a rebrand of a site about branding, things can get confusing, but Brandweek has completed the task, today launching its expanded website (on the heels of relaunched versions of and Why redesign now? “To more efficiently enhance the capability of our web-based platforms to connect with and facilitate interaction with our core audiences,” of course, or such were the buzzphrases (what? no synergies?) assembled by Brandweek publisher Tom Woerner in response to the query of our brother blog, PRNewser. As for how the new site can efficiently enhance your capabilities, check out the newly published Superbrands issue, fronted by the Target-y cover pictured above. Among the Superbrands content available free online for the first time ever are the list of America’s Top 2000 brands, ranked by full-year 2007 national media expenditures, and in-depth analysis by category.

In his letter introducing the issue, Brandweek editor Todd Wasserman emphasizes that, “people don’t buy products for their utility and quality; they don’t even really buy products at all. They buy stories.” And he signs off on a rather chilling note. “It reminds me of the joke Woody Allen told in Annie Hall about the man who thought he was a chicken, but his brother didn’t want to tell him he wasn’t because he—the brother—needed the eggs. We will all be in a lot of trouble on the day when the consumer finds out he is not a chicken.” On the bright side, the realization may do wonders for the ranking of the brand currently coming in at #1494, Tyson‘s frozen entrees.