Brands Turning Fashion Bloggers Into Millionaires


Today we learned that certain fashion bloggers are making a lot more money than…well, pretty much anyone in the “real” journalism game. In fact, they’re becoming millionaires thanks, in large part, to brands and their media outreach teams.

Speaking of real fashion journalism: the original WWD piece is wearing that paywall well, but the good people at StyleCaster have blogsplained it to us

“Perhaps the biggest revenue stream for bloggers…comes in the form of affiliate links.

…thanks to a partnership…with an affiliate link platform, [a blogger who features a J. Crew piece will] make money both from the click onto and a commission”

Talk about tying media placements directly to sales. The equation above sounds more effective than any TV spot or promoted Instagram post could ever be. And that’s not all:

“Stuart Weitzman reportedly paid The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni about 30,000 euros, or more than $40,000, to attend its Milan flagship opening last year.”

We would say that we cover the wrong beat, but then we realized that one could fit our knowledge of the fashion industry into Coach Barbie’s handbag.

Note to readers: this could be your in.

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