Global Brands, Celebrity and Music on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Global brands joined a band of celebrities and musicians on this week’s list of Top 20 Facebook Pages, compiled by our PageData tool, counting the number of fans joining a Page on any given day. In order to make the list this week Pages had to acquire between 1.1 million and 518,300 new Likes.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. YouTube 9,105,143 +1,127,486 +14.13
2. Facebook 14,234,219 +888,703 +6.66
3. Lady Gaga 13,690,189 +817,782 +6.35
4. Family Guy 13,451,027 +793,141 +6.27
5. Coca-Cola 8,664,011 +785,276 +9.97
6. Bob Marley 7,381,216 +766,719 +11.59
7. House 10,824,937 +714,771 +7.07
8. Eminem 8,262,643 +699,808 +9.25
9. Linkin Park 8,994,938 +641,159 +7.68
10. Vin Diesel 12,309,003 +630,930 +5.40
11. South Park 8,914,566 +621,207 +7.49
12. The Twilight Saga 10,257,766 +605,544 +6.27
13. Starbucks 11,056,832 +597,424 +5.71
14. Cristiano Ronaldo 8,911,429 +586,248 +7.04
15. Shakira 5,591,895 +579,678 +11.57
16. Michael Jackson 17,058,493 +550,254 +3.33
17. Red Bull 7,021,774 +544,560 +8.41
18. Oreo 7,202,917 +539,091 +8.09
19. Lil Wayne 8,563,543 +538,582 +6.71
20. Katy Perry 5,617,561 +518,320 +10.16

First was YouTube, adding 1.1 million fans to pass a total of 9.1 million Likes. Overall, the growth seemed pretty steady, although there appeared to be some official Page consolidation last week that affected many of the Pages on our list this week.

In the global brands category, Facebook came in second place, adding 888,700 Likes to reach a total of 14.2 million, perhaps in part to news of the hitting the half billion user mark. Coca-Cola came in fifth place, adding 785,300 fans to grow to surpass 8.6 million inw aht seemed to be partly due to Page consolidation.

Starbucks took the number 13 spot, adding 597,400 fans, growing to 11 million. Red Bull was at number 17, adding 544,600 fans, pulling in a total of 7 million Likes by promoting sporting events. Next was Oreo at number 18, adding 539,100 fans to pass 7.2 million Likes; the company continues to promote a contest for international fans to become the Page’s profile picture.

Celebrity, in several forms, made up a chunk of this list this week, too; this includes television shows, movies and stars.

In fourth place was television show “Family Guy,” adding 793,100 Likes to grow the Page to 13.4 million; the makers of the show made appearances at the recent Comic-Con event in California this week. Medical drama “House” was seventh, adding 714,800 fans to reach 10.8 million total; the show had big growth this week and won big at an awards show.

Action star Vin Diesel’s Page added 630,900 fans to grow to 12.3 million this week. Next, “South Park” took the number 11 spot, adding 621,200 Likes to a total of 8.9 million. “The Twilight Saga” followed in twelfth place, adding 605,500 fans, passing 10.2 million total, and also putting in an appearance at Comic-Con. Finally, Portuguese football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo added 586,200 fans to his 8.9 million total to take fourtheenth place.

The rest of the list was occupied by musicians.

Lady Gaga was third, adding 817,800 fans to her 13.6 million. Bob Marley’s Page took sixth, adding 766,700 fans to a 7.3 million total, though there wasn’t much happening on the Page. Rapper Eminem was eighth, added 699,800 fans now with 8.2 million Likes; he’s promoting his new album. Linkin Park was ninth, adding 641,200 fans to come in just under 9 million fans; the Page is promoting the band’s new album in various ways, including by offering a pre-order on the Page.

Shakira added 579,700 fans to take number 15, coming out with a total of 5.5 million Likes; her Page has been promoting her award nominations, merchandise and tour dates. Next was Michael Jackson at number 16, adding 550,300 fans to pass 17 million total Likes. Rapper Lil Wayne was at number 19, added 538,600 fans, grew to 8.5 million in part by releasing a new music video and sharing another letter from prison. Finally, Katy Perry came in at number 20, adding 518,300 LIkes to now boast 5.6 million; she’s also promoting a new single.