Five Brands Successfully Pulling Off The Humor Approach On Twitter

As any professional comedian knows, it’s not easy to make people laugh.

It’s perhaps even harder to make people laugh when all you have is a series of 140 characters typed on a computer screen.

Harder – but not impossible. Below, take a look at five brands who take a comedic approach to Twitter, and are actually pulling it off.


UK-based floral shop Arena Flowers hasn’t amassed nearly 18,000 followers from tweeting about 2-for-1 bouquet specials. The brand, led by visionary CEO and founder Will Wynne, has cultivated a loyal and engaged following due to its genuinely humorous and relatable Twitter content.


Charmin is a great example of a brand whose humor directly aligns with the products it sells, so that its followers don’t feel marketed to despite the fact that that is exactly what’s happening. Exhibit A: the #tweetfromtheseat hashtag.


NASA definitely has its stuff together when it comes to social media. Its lunar rover Twitter account tweets sassily in first-person, incorporating funny pop culture references to boot.


“The Official Tweeter of Awesomeness.” With a Twitter bio like that, what could go wrong? Nothing, in the skilled digits of the Skittles social team. Like Charmin, the Skittles Twitter account does a bang-up job of making their “push” tweets subtle so that their feed is not overly promotional while still being brand-relevant.


KRAFT Mac & Cheese is another food brand killing it on Twitter with a humorous angle, running quirky campaigns like “” to reward people with coupons based on their last name.