Brands Can Now Produce Native Ads on Facebook More Effectively

Latest move to battle YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat

Branded content and product placement are now A-OK with Facebook if marketers with verified pages on the platform follow the rules. The social media giant today began offering tags that companies can use to mark their videos and other content as branded content, though they are not allowed to include pre-roll or mid-stream commercials—a YouTube mandate as well.

Creators, in particular, will applaud the move since it allows them to use the platform more effectively for branded content, which is their businesses' lifeblood. Facebook is currently trying to lure video makers away from YouTube and, in some cases, Twitter and Snapchat. 

The development should also spark greater interest from publishers wanting to pitch brand advertisers with more reach. For instance, Playboy has been buying Facebook ads to extend campaigns for its clients into the social sphere. Theoretically speaking, the magazine may now pitch more organic reach to its clients in addition to reach via Facebook ads.

Additionally, consumer brands can be more transparent about marketing efforts on the social site.  

It's Facebook's latest move to tighten up its video game, as it challenges YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat for a burgeoning marketplace.

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg helped unveil a video hub that will pay publishers to exclusively livestream content on his social site, a move some people think will inspire brands to become digital broadcasters.

And in March, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company revealed that its algorithm would prioritize live video, and it also debuted lead-generation video ads. 

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