Brands Try to Redefine Emojis in Twitter’s Latest Hashtag Game

The real meaning of fist bumps and smiley faces

Brands have hit peak emoji mania. This morning, the hashtag #NewMeaningsforEmojis started trending nationally on Twitter, and brands were quick to weigh in with their takes on the small digital icons.

Charmin is well-known for its social potty humor, so it's no surprise that its social team posted an image mashing up poo, a bear and a smiley face to sum up its take on emojis.

Meanwhile, GE and 3M both showed their love of technology and science. GE took the literal meaning of the hashtag a step further by linking to its periodic table of science experiments that is explained by emojis.

Pizza brands were also quick to chime in about how slices of tomato pie fit in with emoji culture.

Here's how a handful of other brands broke down the hidden meanings behind emojis. See which of these you think are funny, and which are lame:

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