Brands Aren’t Meeting the Social Media Customer Service Demands

While more than 80 percent of consumers make customer service requests on Facebook, the bulk of those requests go unanswered.


Different consumers interact with brands in different ways, depending on their age group, which networks they’re using and what their concerns are. Accent Marketing Services surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers in the hopes of to shedding light on consumer behaviors.

Only seven percent of respondents ranked social media as having the highest level of customer service. Direct phone service ranked first at 63 percent, email was second at 28 percent. However, these are not the rates at which customers seek customer service — social networking customer service teams receive a lot of requests, but they fall flat on delivery. 70 percent of all customer service requests on Twitter go unanswered, according to the report.

As you might expect, Facebook is the go-to network with 82 percent of consumers ranking it a favorite, but only 72 percent of consumers that contact companies on Facebook expect a response. Twitter is second favorite at 30 percent, and nearly 50 percent of consumers expect brands to be responsive to their requests.

Not everyone takes to social networks just to resolve issues. 59 percent of 18-29 year olds like to mine Facebook for good deals. That number increases for every age bracket until it’s up to 80 percent for those aged 60+. Consumers also use social networks to share both good and bad brand encounters and purchases — 29 percent of men and 19 percent of women post to Twitter about their experiences.

The study came to some key conclusions about customer service strategies:

  1. Ensuring that customer service is seamless across all platforms will yield better customer retention.

  2. Building dedicated teams to service more networks will increase customer satisfaction in relation across platforms.

  3. Define how customers interact with each network and then define a strategy based on those insights so each network gets the care that it deserves.

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