Brands And Businesses Show Valentine’s Day Some Love On Facebook

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and several brands and businesses are using Facebook to give people on the network a chance to send special gifts to the ones they love, pick up a little something for themselves, or even send a Valentine’s wish to an unsuspecting civil servant. Campaigns vary from contests to games to simple well-wishes in updates.

Target Spreading The Love To Charities

Using the advertising power of both the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, retailer Target is using a Facebook application called the Super Love Sender to disperse $1 million to a number of charities. The application allows users to choose from three different video cards, featuring football players in full pads with pink wings performing dance routines, singing songs or reciting poems. You can also add a photo that will be featured in the skits and send the Valentine’s video card on to your Facebook friends.

During the card creation process, you can choose your favorite among five charities to receive a portion of the $1 million donation. How much money each charity receives will be determined by the percentage of votes it receives.

Send A Photo-Filled Card On Facebook With Scrapblog

Online photo-sharing service Scrapblog gives Facebook users the ability to put a personal touch are their Valentine’s Day messages by creating photo collages through an application called Share The Love. The app grabs images from your Facebook photo albums, giving you the choice of up to 10 images. You can then customize the Valentine’s Day-themed card with stickers, various backgrounds and captions.

The photo cards are displayed on your wall, and any tagged friends in the photos are also alerted. There are elements of social gaming built into the application, and the more cards you create, the more points you amass to unlock exclusive content and features.

Facebook Keeps Your Valentine’s Day Virtual Gifts A Secret

Facebook offers a virtual gift giving service that allows you to schedule a birthday gift for your friends as much as a week in advance, and they’ve extended the service to include Valentine’s Day gifts. You can send the specially-themed gifts now, and they’ll appear as a wrapped present until Feb. 14. The gift message includes a link that gives the recipient a chance to easily send a gift of his or her own to the Valentine’s Day admirer.

Love Yourself And Win An iPod from eBay India

To promote its online auction service, eBay India is giving away a couple of prizes to Facebook users who express their love for themselves through status updates. The user that gathers the most likes for their update, which must include a reason they love themselves as well as a special eBay India tag, will receive an iPod Touch. The administrators will also choose an update that they feel is the most creative, and that winner will get a Sony Playstation Portable 3004. The campaign is a way to plug the auction site, as each update and like will include a link to eBay India through the tag.

Skittles Promotes Random Acts Of Kindness

In on of the most unique campaigns of the lovers’ holiday, Skittles is calling on all Facebook users to create a Valentine’s Day message that will be sent to a predetermined parking enforcement officer. Made with the help of Involver, the contest will give one lucky meter maid thousands of messages from random people as part of Skittles’ Mob The Rainbow campaign. The current count is well over 21,000 messages created, all of which will be presented by Skittles to the civil servant on Valentine’s Day.

You can send a message of 140 characters or less directly from the Skittles fan page or have them generate one for you. There’s also the option of mailing in a Valentine’s Day card to the Skittles offices in San Francisco. With more than 3.7 million fans of the Skittles brand on Facebook, the potential number of Valentine’s Day cards could be huge.

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