Brandon Holley and Lucky

Today the New York Times takes a look at Brandon Holley, the relatively new Editor-in-Chief at Lucky, and the challenge she has of revamping the magazine.

Holly says that her main obstacle is trying to keep what is good about the magazine (the lack of pretentiousness) while adding something that will lure more readers and advertisers (less models dressed like homeless people).

The web presence of Lucky is also being marked for an upgrade by Holley. The Lucky Style Collective, a blog network that will have tie-ins to the magazine, is her brainchild.

She also notes that the magazine will now feature a wider range of products, explaining, “I think we should show the full scope of what’s out there and allow the reader to decide whether she buys a $4,000 Prada bag.”

Some of these are risky moves, considering most readers go to Lucky to avoid the very items she’s talking about adding to it. But then things aren’t working out for Lucky as it is now (ad pages and newsstand sales have declined steadily since 2007), so maybe Holley should just go for it. After all, when you’re trying to rescue a dying magazine, there’s no easy way out.