Branding Is Branding? By Any Other Name?


Let’s start the day off by talking branding, shall we? A perfect place to do such a thing is with Fadtastic‘s great review of Alina Wheeler’s new edition of the book, “Designing Brand Identity,” which is about just that. Or, rather, it gets to being about that, and apparently does it very well, once it sets its readers straight on some things. Chiefly, that “brands” and “brand identities” are two different things:

The book is divided in three main sections: Perception, Process and Practice. In Perception, Wheeler unfolds the difference between brands and brand identity, who creates brand identities and importantly why invest in them and most important how can we make them effective. Wheeler points out that we have to see the full picture of branding ahead: “design excellence is a given, but…”

…there are more intrinsic criteria to pursue. And each one of these criteria get discussed in detail. Interesting to note is the complete review on brand marks and the chapter on naming and taglines.

Brands are dissected, analyzed, compared and get discussed throughout the entire book. And that is where it gets interesting. What I would call brand identities and their subliminal messages.