Branding Fail: Tablet for Women Met with Cries of ‘Sexism!’

Remember Bic‘s disastrous “Bic for Her” line of pens? Well, get ready for the next installment of you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-us with this female-targeted “brandering.”

Ladies: Have you been dreaming of your very own tablet with which to organize your Stepford Wives lives full of nothing but recipe swapping, calorie-measuring and clothes shopping? Do you find yourselves bewildered by the complexity of the (obviously male-targeted) tablets currently on the market? Well then the ePad Femme is for you!

Manufactured by the Dubai-based Eurostar Group, the ePad Femme comes with every app any woman could ever want pre-loaded: the list includes such necessities as “Women’s Assistant” (the logo for which is a scale wrapped in a tape measure…gee, we wonder what that’s for), “Finest Perfume for Women,” “Clothing Size Conversion”, “Shopping List”, and “Our Groceries.”

Now, to be fair, we do have a Pinterest account that features boards dedicated to fitness, recipes, a dream closet, etc.–but we also have boards dedicated to our careers, our non-weight-obsessed hobbies and other interests.

Our point being that the idea of pre-loading cooking and workout apps onto a tablet marketed toward women isn’t completely terrible, but it’s what’s missing from those pre-loaded apps (i.e. anything that suggests women are more than barefoot-in-the-kitchen except when working out or shopping) that has drawn the ire.

Mani Nair, Associate Vice President for Marketing at Eurostar Group, insists the product is not sexist, saying, “The Tablet comes preloaded with applications so you can just turn it on and log in to cooking recipes or yoga…It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference.”

Umm… the suggestion that women, in their reduced-calorie haze of starvation, might have trouble finding and downloading apps on their own isn’t helping (why not just say it’s for convenience??). Nair did also point out that the company is focusing on pre-loaded applications for many of its products, but the damage was already done.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get some work done on our non-ePad tablet (assuming we can figure out how to download an app before the day is out).