Branding Babies with Brands


In honor of April Fool’s Day, we thought we’d spin things the opposite direction and offer up a story that shouldn’t be true, but is. By way of AdFreak, we found this story over at the BBC, “US Babies Get Global Brand Names.” You’ve likely heard stirrings of this before, where people are naming their children after brands, but we’d never heard of research being put into it. Turns out, it’s more common than you’d think and right this very second you could be sitting next to a Chevy or a L’Oreal. As weird and upsetting as this all is, you have to wonder, if you’re on the people working behind the scenes and turning these brands into what they are, is this something you get a strange sort of happy thrill about, or do you sit back and pull a Frankenstein-esque “My god, what have I done?” Here’s a bit:

Seven boys were found to have the name Del Monte – after the food company – and no less than 49 boys were called Canon, after the camera.

Designer firms and types of clothing were also well represented, with almost 300 girls recorded with the name Armani, six boys called Timberland and seven boys called Denim.

That’s probably the weirdest thing. We can kind of understand the luxury items, but “Del Monte”?! Who loves canned fruit that much?