PR Head Brandee Barker Quits Facebook

Brandee Barker has quit after four years as head of public relations at Facebook.

Barker announced her departure to the world via Twitter where she is known as @facebookbrandee. I’m unsure whether she also announced the move on Facebook as her profile is set to private.

Her tweet this morning said:

“After 4+ INCREDIBLE yrs @Facebook, I’m leaving 2 start my own biz consulting early stage tech cos. Lst day is 12/10. Endless thx to all!”

A Facebook statement said:

“We can confirm Brandee is leaving Facebook to start a communications consulting business focused on early stage tech companies. We are grateful for her dedication and the company has benefited greatly from her contributions. We suspect Brandee’s future clients will also value her talents and experience and we wish her much success with her new venture.”

Tech commentator Kara Swisher, who broke the story, paid tribute to Barker in a post this morning. She wrote:

“Although the geeks always get the credit, Facebook owes an awful lot to Barker, for helping its products and services stand out in a sea of competitors. For certain, it certainly was not as influential as it is today when Barker got there as its head of PR, just as the start-up was beginning to make itself known. There were only seven million Facebook members when Barker joined, compared to 500 million today.”

One of the first crises Barker tackled at Facebook was the opposition from users to the introduction of the news feed.

Barker’s LinkedIn profile says she studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder and held senior positions at Zeno Group, Ruder Finn San Francisco,, Oracle and GCI Group before joining Facebook as director of corporate communications.

Advertising sales executive Mike Murphy also left Facebook recently. Over the past year a number of early employees have left the company in a changing of the guard, despite the fact the company is yet to float on the stock exchange.

Photo: From Brandee Barker’s Facebook page.