A Quick Guide To Strengthening Your Brand’s Voice On Twitter

Describe your best friend in elementary school. Was she fun and happy? A bratty and playful kid? You probably have a pretty strong memory of her personality, even though you might not have seen her in years… but can you say the same for your brand?

A brand’s voice on social media should resonate just as strongly as the memory of your best friend from elementary school. It should have a personality that your audience can clearly pick up on and engage with. It should be alive.

If you’re having trouble using Twitter to develop this brand voice, we’ve got just the resource for you.

“3 Strategies To Strengthen Your Brand’s Social Voice” is a new guide from Sprout Social. It emphasizes the need for a smart social strategy and calculated engagements – rather than the light-hearted, fly-by-night approach to social media that far too many brands seem to take.

The guide covers three strategies for brands to strengthen their social voice, all of which can be applied to Twitter.

For instance, the guide warns that brands are not always in control of how their personality develops on social media. On Twitter you might notice that your followers are talking about you even when you’re not online. Every time they tweet about you, they’re defining your personality.

To take charge of this, the guide recommends ensuring that everyone on your social media team – including even the most junior – is on the same page when it comes to your brand’s personality. It needs to be well-articulated and understood by everyone.

So how do you execute this strategy on Twitter? For starters, ask yourself the following question from the guide: “What human qualities do we want to regularly exude?” This should guide all of your tweets. Every time anyone on your team sends a tweet, a reply, a mention, they should be sending that tweet as if they were a person, not a brand. Each tweet should have a well-defined personality – a human personality.

The guide covers two other tips for strengthening your brand’s voice on social media: be open and responsive (but stay classy), and be consistent and refine in real-time. These two tips focus broadly on engagement and reacting to the real-time nature of social media – both of which apply to Twitter possibly more than any other network. Your brand’s personality should shine through with every engagement on Twitter, and it should be flexible enough to remain interesting while adhering to your brand’s formal standards.

I recommend downloading the guide (it’s free!) in full to get more details for each tip, including the most important questions to ask your team while creating your brand’s social voice.

(image via Shutterstock)