Brand Twitter Unmasked: Meet 45 of the People Behind Your Favorite Accounts

Ever wonder who exactly it is dishing out fresh wit on your favorite brand Twitter accounts?

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Over 200 social media managers unmasked themselves as the voices of their brands. Photo Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Sources: Getty Images, Twitter
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Have you ever wondered who exactly it is dishing out fresh snark and challenging other brands to roast battles at @Wendys? Or who has a movie reference or a bad pun for every recipe at @BonAppetit? Or perfectly toeing the inappropriate line (without any actual nudity) at @YouPorn?

I certainly have.

On Sunday morning, I tweeted something that had been in my drafts for quite some time—a tweet to meet the social media managers behind some of the most successful brands. I had been curious as to who managed the @Pokemon account for quite some time, and, since a LinkedIn search yielded little useful information, I opened the question to the community.

Dozens of other social media pros jumped in, introducing themselves and tagging brands whose social managers they wanted to connect with, and many of them responded. Over the course of the day, it expanded into a virtual networking session, with brands and managers jumping in to connect and discuss their creative social strategies.

And for my part, thanks to the help of @MosheIsaacian, the @Pokemon account manager was quickly found—and she shared that she’s a fan of Adweek.

Over 200 social media managers unmasked themselves as the voices of their brands in the thread, along with some of the tactics they’ve used to make an impression on the Twitterverse. We’ve compiled a list of 45 managers who represent some of the biggest and most requested brands in the thread.

  1. Leo Morejon, senior manager of social media at Applegate
  2. Luke Kintigh, head of content distribution and social media at Autodesk
  3. Adrian Molina, senior brand manager at Aviation American Gin
  4. Ashley Vogler, officer, marketing product manager, enterprise social media at Bank of America
  5. Emma Wartzman, assistant editorial producer at Bon Appetit
  6. Siobhan Sullivan, senior manager, global social manager at Crunchyroll
  7. Erin Supinka, associate director of digital engagement at Dartmouth College
  8. Taylor Griffin, junior digital strategist at Devries Global (Del Taco)
  9. Jeanne Sager, marketing manager at
  10. Miguel Lozada, partnerships manager at Elgato Gaming
  11. Wes Finley, marketing and communications at Facebook
  12. Michelle Poole, social media coordinator at Golden State Warriors
  13. Jorien Evans, senior social media strategist for North America at Groupon
  14. Joanna Rentería, social media strategist at Social Lab at Google
  15. Ari Berman, social media insights, consumer marketing, at Social Lab at Google
  16. Stephanie Arbetter, senior analyst at Hilton
  17. Melly Ramirez, social media, Honda and Acura, at American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
  18. Nick Martin, global social engagement at Hootsuite
  19. Krystal Wu, social community manager at HubSpot
  20. Errol Villasanta, global social media manager at Niantic, Inc. (@PokemonGoApp)
  21. Chad Finnesand, community management at Nike
  22. Carter Gossett, community management at Nike
  23. Pearl Gabel, digital director at State of New Jersey (@NJGov)
  24. Jakob Zamora, marketing manager, social media, at GeForce at NVIDIA
  25. Justin Massongill, content communications at Sony Interactive Entertainment (@Playstation)
  26. Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley, social marketing manager at The Pokémon Company International
  27. Sarah Peters, social media specialist at San Francisco International Airport
  28. Matt Korn, social media manager at The Walt Disney Company (@shopDisney)
  29. John Young, social business advisor at Southwest Airlines
  30. Amanda Domuracki, social for podcasts at Spotify
  31. Katie McCuen, social media manager at Parcast Studios at Spotify
  32. Nathan Allebach, social media manager at Allebach Communications (@steak_umm)
  33. Hannah Brown, brand marketing, social, at Stitch Fix
  34. Ryan Rimsnider, brand social at T-Mobile
  35. Erin Hodges, digital marketing coordinator at Tampa Bay Rays
  36. Jessi Reid, conversational lead at Twitter (@TwitterGaming)
  37. Alphonzo Terrell, global director of social and editorial at Twitter
  38. Joseph Galbo, social media specialist at U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  39. Bianca Kea, senior social media manager at Viacom (@VH1)
  40. Jonathan Kaufman, social community lead at Visible
  41. Ian Suarez, social media manager at Visit Orlando
  42. Matt Keck, associate director of conversation design at VML (@Wendys)
  43. Lylli Dupere, senior community manager at Pornhub & YouPorn
  44. Kate Bryant, social media marketing manager at YouTube Gaming
  45. Michelle Pepe, associate social manager at GLOW Social & Digital Agency (@WKCDOGS)

There are plenty more social media managers joining the thread each day, so I highly recommend you scroll through the replies and drop your own tweet.

@juliangumbo Julian Gamboa is a social media and marketing manager at Adweek.