The What, The Why And The Who – How Are Brands Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that just over one quarter (27 percent) of organisations have a dedicated social media team, with almost two-thirds (65 percent) assigning social media tasks on top of existing job responsibilities, typically to employees working in marketing or PR?

These findings come courtesy of a survey by Ragan, which also revealed that a combination of relevant education and experience is the most sought-after quality for a company looking to hire someone to work in their social media department, and that the vast majority of firms (86 percent) measure their social media ROI by standard metrics such as Likes and followers.

65 percent of organisations cite lack of time as their biggest stumbling block to social media success, and 87 percent say that increasing brand awareness is their number one goal.

(Source: Social media image via Shutterstock.)