Brand Republics Ask You To Take a Stand Against…Something?


You may need to register to see this, but now that they’ve gone completely free of charge, it’s probably worth it. Brand Republic has launched a campaign called “Action for Ads,” an online petition to, as they say, to help fight restrictions the government in the UK is putting on advertisers. It seems really interesting and as we clicked the link to go to more info about the campaign, we were expecting the full rundown. But, unfortunately, beyond that, there really isn’t anything to read with any more depth than that synopsis we just wrote. So we’re going to hold off on signing anything until we learn more. If you, dear reader, happens to know anything more, we’d really appreciate hearing what this is all about, because it sounds potentially very interesting. Here’s the limited stuff from the site:

The initiative, Action For Ads, comes amid mounting alarm at the success of pressure groups in calling for more curbs on commercial freedom of speech.

Claire Beale, Campaign’s editor, said: “For too long, the industry has been almost apologetic. It’s time to unite behind a confident and positive promotion of advertising.”