Brand Pages Launch In Japan With Three Major Companies On Board

Twitter has chosen Japan as the third country to get access to brand pages, after the US and the UK. This is the first Asian market to see the upgrade, but it’s no surprise: Twitter has had a close relationship with Japan for years.

According to Twitter’s Japanese blog [Japanese link] and Aisijin, the company is offering Japanese companies the new brand pages this week.

The initial launch partners will include Japan’s largest telecom company NTT Docomo, convenience store chain Lawson and Japan’s arm of Warner Entertainment, but you can expect many more to jump on board as the rollout continues.

Here’s how Warner Entertainment Japan’s brand page looks with the new header and pinned tweet (via Aisijin):

Twitter has had major successes in Japan, so it’s no wonder they’ve chosen that country as one of the first to get brand pages. Twitter first translated its site into Japanese before any other language, and Twitter has been more popular than Facebook in Japan for years.

Since their launch in December 2011, brand pages have been slowly rolling out to advertisers across the US and, by February, UK advertisers as well. They offer brands a more customizable profile than the standard profile page, with features including the ability to create a custom header that sits above their timeline, a “pinnable” tweet that will stay at the top of the timeline, and sorting out @replies and @mentions for those companies doing customer service on Twitter.

There are also rumors that brand pages will soon include contests, promotions, coupons and sweepstakes functionality, as well as the ability for companies to sell their goods and services directly from their profile.

(Hat tip: The Next Web)