What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Awareness foursquare Perspectives

Note from Social Times: We now have a full profile of the Awareness Social Marketing Hub as part of our “What You Need to Know” series.

Having recently achieved a peak day of one million check-ins, foursquare’s 1.8 million users are challenging brands to figure out how they can leverage the service as part of their marketing mix. Awareness, Inc., provider of on-demand social marketing management software, offers guidance with foursquare Perspectives, a free marketing tool that generates and delivers comprehensive reports for enterprise marketers to uncover trends across their multiple foursquare venues.

The release of foursquare perspectives comes soon after Awareness added foursquare channel support to its flagship product, the Awareness Social Marketing Hub, to allow marketers to manage foursquare venues and publish tips to all or a targeted segment of venues through a single interface. The data generated from the foursquare Perspectives report is especially valuable for Awareness Social Marketing Hub users who want help in identifying the key foursquare venues that will generate the greatest response rates to published tips. foursquare joins other platforms supported by the Hub WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and branded online communities.

According to the company, foursquare Perspectives is most valuable to brands with large numbers of locations, such as Starbucks. After entering “Starbucks” in the search criteria, foursquare Perspectives identified that the 9,000 Starbucks venues listed on foursquare received more than 815,000 check-ins, crowned close to 6,000 mayors and welcomed 300,000 unique visitors to-date. Using this data, Starbucks can pinpoint its most popular foursquare venues and cater its marketing campaigns based on demand and where their customers are checking in most.

“Marketers that are both new and experienced to location-based marketing should first take inventory of their customers’ locations to be efficient with their investment in time and resources before they embark on a foursquare marketing campaign,” said David Carter, CTO and Founder, Awareness, Inc. “The data generated from the foursquare Perspectives report gives brands the necessary information needed to make smart decisions based on those statistics.”

Awareness has published two eBooks available for free download to any enterprise marketer looking to learn more about foursquare and how they can market through it. The eBooks feature data gathered over the course of the last several months and observational analysis of key brands running marketing programs through the channel.