One Third Of Social Media Users Unfollowed A Brand Because They Made Too Many Updates [STUDY]

For brands hoping to build a large, relevant audience on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, providing innovative content whilst maintaining the delicate balancing act between marketing and engaging, and, at all times, striving to appeal to your latest fans and, vitally, most loyal customers, can be difficult.

Fortunately, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and if you put in the work good things will happen. Which is why few things are as frustrating as losing followers and fans – especially en masse.

Where did you go wrong?

According to a new study, the number one reason why a user ends a connection with a brand on social media is that the company made too many updates. One third (33 percent) of respondents rating this as the worst offence, ahead of a brand’s values or content differing from the user’s original perception (22 percent) and seeing no value in staying connected (19 percent).

(Source: eMarketer. Unlike image via Shutterstock.)