How Many Of The Six Types Of Brand Advocates Are You Connected To On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How important are the people your brand is connected to on social media? If you answered anything other than “very, very, really, super important,” you’re probably not doing social right!

People are the power behind your brand, and if you can connect with them in a meaningful way, they can become brand advocates: spreading positive word about your brand to their own networks. Here are six types of brand advocates that you can cultivate.

This infographic comes to us from Dachis Group, and tracks the performance of 30,000 brands and 100,000 social media accounts across all of the major networks.

All told, advocates make up only 0.001 percent of a brand’s active participants. Yes, that’s 0.001 percent. So why should you focus on this tiny slice of your social media followers? Well, as this infographic shows, this 0.001 percent starts 5.3 percent of company-related activity which cumulates into 8.4 percent of all brand conversations across the entire social web.

But you can’t treat all brand advocates the same: there are six major types, and they all help your brand in different ways if you’re able to offer them a reason to love your brand.

For instance, there’s the brand ambassador, who are elite customers who spread the word about a brand in their daily lives. There’s also the marketing partner, who wants to actively participate in your business’ innovation – so give them the platform they need to contribute their ideas.

Check out the other four brand advocates and how to woo them in the infographic below (click to enlarge):

(Infographic courtesy of Dachis Group)