Branchout Raises $25 Million and Surpasses 25M Users [Infographic]

A few weeks ago we covered Branchout, a Facebook based professional networking application designed to connect you with potential employers.  The site has been doing well, and has reached 25 million users and along with that news, has closed a $25 million Series C financing round.  This brings their total funding to $49 million, which should give them a lot of ammunition to try and compete with LinkedIn, who have been surging lately on positive recommendations from analysts around the world.

BranchOut specifically is trying to take the angle that a professional networking application is something that should be shared by “all workers, regardless of industry, role or level,” according to founder and CEO Rick Marini.  That’s an interesting angle; LinkedIn is dominated by technology folks and managers, although it’s population is swelling with all types of people.  BranchOut is hoping to get “new college graduates, retail workers, nurses, software engineers and military veterans re-entering the workforce,” and their simple interface shows that they’re dedicated to making it a seamless process.

Check out the infographic BranchOut has put together to mark their 25 million users, and let us know whether you think BranchOut is going to continue to thrive in the future!