Branch Goes the Speakeasy Route


This was something interesting sent our way today. The online shop, Branch, whose tag reads, “Sustainable Design for Living,” is…wait for the pun here…branching out into the brick-and-mortar world. Sure, that’s not so unique, as sites have move from the screen to the storefront time and time again. But with Branch, they’re anxious to build, but they’re testing the waters first. What do we mean? For one weekend, this upcoming one, Branch will be opening a “flash store” in San Francisco. The store will exist for just April 29th and 30th, selling everything the have online, and then, poof, right back to being online-only. It’s a really cool idea and one we hope nets them a lot of attention. From looking at their online catalog’s fantastic, design-focused stuff, that shouldn’t be too hard. And heck, sure we’d love to see them succeed in having a permanent location, but can you just imagine the hype this sort of “floating store” would create? So maybe, if you’re around Northern California this weekend, pop on by, and get the buzz a flowin’.