Brainz brings Vampire Season-Monster Defense to GREE platform

Mobile developer Brainz today announced that it’s bringing its critically-hailed tower defense/strategy game Vampire Season to GREE’s new platform. However, the game for GREE’s platform will be an enhanced version and will carry the title Vampire Season-Monster Defense.

We liked what we saw when Vampire Season first launched, particularly its goofy narrative and high production values. Now, Vampire Season-Monster Defense will feature new graphics and content. Brainz tells us it’s rebuilt all of the game’s 30 levels and also established a new economy that features two different types of currency, coins and sapphires. Coins are earned via the story mode and can be used to purchase lower-end upgrades, while Sapphires are earned by playing against friends in Survival mode and allow users to purchase the best monster upgrades.

The Colombia-based Brainz originally teamed up with 6waves to distribute Vampire Season earlier this year, but the companies parted ways back in October after 6waves underwent another round of layoffs and dismissed everyone working on the game. As a result, Brainz took the game back, rebalanced its difficulty and changed it to a paid title in mid-October. The move proved surprisingly successful, providing higher player retention and average revenue per daily active user.

When asked if Brainz is planning to continue working with GREE, the company’s Head of Games Jairo Nieto won’t say for sure. However, he does note that, “both teams are working hard to bring a lot more value to our players by leveraging their tremendous experience and our creative approach.  I think we coincide philosophically that the next bets in the mobile ecosystem will be titles with high production values and richer story worlds.  In that sense, we certainly hope to continue working with such an amazing partner.”

A definite release date for Vampire Season-Monster Defense hasn’t been revealed yet, but we’re told the game will be released for both the iOS and Android versions of the GREE platform in the next few weeks.