Brain Buddies Remixes Popular Brain Teaser Application, Experiences Rapid Growth

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so Playfish should be pretty flattered by German-based Wooga’s latest game: Brain Buddies. The application takes a similar approach to “Who Has the Biggest Brain?” but provides new forms of brain teasers. There are four alternative challenges, one of which is almost identical to one of the challenges in Playfish’s competing application. Right now the most popular strategy for success in the social gaming arena appears to be copy others and then promote.

The result has been multiple legal battles although none of them have resulted in any game changing decision that would impact the social gaming ecosystem. Regardless of the legal battles and the copycat strategy for many of these companies, the space continues to expand. Zynga, the leading Facebook social gaming company, has grown their user base to around 57 million users and growing daily.

With more monetization platforms coming into the space as well, social gaming appears to be the primary space for growth. As such, it’s not surprising to see new gaming developers take a shot and that’s exactly what Wooga is doing with their Brain Buddies application. So far it appears to be paying off. Just over the past few days, the company has experienced exponential growth (see this chart).

It will be interesting to see how far this application can grow but so far it appears to be in its early growth phase. With a lot of interesting graphics and easy game play, my guess is that this will end up with a few million monthly active users at the least. If you are interested in trying out some new brain teasers, go check out the Brain Buddies application.