is the Greatest Website Ever Created by Man

With an elevator pitch that starts something like being the greatest website ever created by man, new social boasting site, might just earn the ire of other social networking site. But, we can’t blame them for bragging about their site, because after all it is a social bragging site.’s dictum may be a bit turned off to some, that is – if you have something to brag about yourself then go brag about it. You have the right to claim your fame, and gain your acclaim, it’s everybody’s right to brag – so why not?

That’s practically that is to No need to elaborate. It’s an online platform where you can brag about your achievements, your feats, your triumphs. But what good is a brag if you don’t have anything to support it, right? allows you to add text, video, audio and images to your brag entries.

To get started bragging, go create a profile of your own. Once you get started, you’ll earn bragging rights, as well as virtual certificates, awards and trophies to represent your claim to fame. You can post this virtual emblems to your social networking profiles as well.

And once you’ve earned enough bragging rights and fame, someday you might be on’s leaderboard.

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