One-Time Struggling Actor Is Now ‘Santa to the Stars’

This Santa has a rap video, a beard insured by Lloyds of London and a long list of Hollywood celebrity clients. The story of Brady White–a.k.a. “Santa to the Stars©” (pictured)–never gets old and thus is part of a look at seven different North Pole specialists by CNN religion reporter Jessica Ravitz.

White has copyrighted the term “Santa to the Stars” and generally insists that journalists and others make sure to append all print mentions with a ©. It’s a long way from where this guy found himself in the 1970s:

White first entered the Santa game about three decades ago out of desperation. He was an unemployed actor in Los Angeles and nine months behind in his rent when he took a job as a mall Santa in Beverly Hills. That season the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner polled children to find the best Santa around. Guess who won?…

“The following July, I was standing in the Swiss Alps with a beautiful young lady wearing white chinchilla for an ad for Neiman Marcus,” he says. “That photo made the inside cover of Vanity Fair. Literally, overnight, my life changed.”

Another one of Ravitz’s profile subjects was inspired to get into the Santa game after watching White on an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Tim Connaghan runs the booking database out of Riverside and apparently has another stellar Christmas on his hands. On his website, a message reads: “Due to the hundreds of requests we are receiving, we have temporarily closed our request lines.”

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