He Ain’t Heavy, He’s Deez Nuts

Brady Olson continues to pick up where Jimmy Carter's parents left off.

Behind every successful political candidate, the saying goes, there is at least one crucial, wily operative. In the case of 15-year-old Wallingford, Iowa teen Brady Olson, mom Teresa is handling the logistics of media interviews. But the real credit for all this unlikely early polling hoopla goes to Brady’s younger brother Tyson.


That’s the major revelation of today’s Sioux City Journal front page story about Deez Nuts, picked up from smaller Iowa daily the Mason City Globe Gazette. It was Tyson’s idea to submit a presidential candidacy under the viral moniker:

Tyson, a seventh-grader who calls himself Brady’s “interpreter,” is as outgoing as his older brother is reserved.

Brady is the kind of kid who follows politics and runs for president. Tyson, more likely a political operative than candidate, likes to throw a machete and tomahawk at a target in the front yard.

“I make my own sports,” Tyson explained.

As reporter Molly Montag explains, the big decision right now for Deez Nuts is whether to march in the upcoming Graettinger Labor Day Parade just as a percussionist, as planned, or double up to glad-handing Presidential candidate. Either way, his school’s ensemble, aligned to the Graettinger-Terril Titans, can expect a lot of extra attention.
[Screen grab via: siouxcityjournal.com]