Bradley Taps Galloway As Atlantic Prez

Atlantic Media Chairman David G. Bradley announced to the staff today that John Galloway will officially take over as president of the company, which includes the Atlantic Monthly, National Journal, The Hotline, and Government Executive magazine.

Full memo after the jump.

My Colleagues throughout the Firm:

One week past, John Sullivan and I agreed to make official that which already was obvious to those who work with us. That is that John Galloway is our new President of Atlantic Media. Some calls in life are easier than others; this was the very easiest.

I believe I have had, across the whole of my career, something like 6,000 colleagues in our enterprises. The larger number, including John Sullivan–he might concede–and surely I, have been wired much more for solo or individual performance than for day-to-day management of large numbers of people. Few have been natural managers. Fewer still have equaled John Galloway’s gift for leadership.

As background, John graduated from Georgetown University, moving directly to the Advisory Board Company and, therein, rapidly rose up through the ranks. Before his posting with me, John worked as chief of staff for Jeff Zients and, thereby, is almost a certain gateway for us all to future baseball tickets — should Jeff succeed in purchasing the Nationals team. Perhaps that’s qualification enough. John Sullivan and I have been more impressed by our daily dependence on John to join in strategy discussions, divide the vision into assignable tasks, delegate the work, set goals, set standards, manage budgets and accelerate the velocity of the firm. Atlantic Media affairs are going well now, hugely a tribute to John Galloway’s leadership.

As President, John Galloway will lead the firm’s executive committee. And, as larger assignment, John will direct the leadership across all areas of the firm.

John’s posting as President does create a smidge of title crowding at the top. John Sullivan and I have agreed that I should keep the title of Chairman and John Sullivan step forward to the title of Group Publisher and Chief Executive… but you and I may still call him Mr. Sullivan.

I am deeply appreciative of my leadership partners–John S. and John G.–as I am of the privilege of working with you.

With my respect and best wishes.