Brad Pitt’s Baby


We don’t know how we could have missed this (oh, wait, our Google alerts are set for ‘Brangelina’ not ‘Brad’), but Brad Pitt, sometime Gehry crony is set to host his very own PBS show about sustainable architecture.

The show, called “Design: e^2” (we can’t do superscripts and that’s how our third grade math teacher taught us to write “e-squared”) will premiere in June and focus on environmentally-responsible buildings worldwide. It’s part of a larger series where PBS will explore topics like water, energy, food, transportation, botanicals, textiles and health. Hopefully they’ve got Bono doing the other ones.

The trailer is a very dramatic overture to what looks like a pretty good show. We’ll see which rolls out first, the show’s website (April 15) or Pitt Jr. (biding its time in Nambia).