Brad Pitt Spends a Fortune at Art Basel


Argh! Two Brad Pitt stories in a week on UnBeige! What is this world coming to? First we heard that the actor is putting his hard hat back on and hitting Dubai to become an architecture consultant, and now we find that he’s popped up at Art Basel in Switzerland. Apparently fueled by reports that “design art” is the new “other art,” he’s there to spend absurd amounts of money on the strangest things he can find, namely Jeroen Verhoeven’s weird, cut-in-half table thing, which he purchased for around $300,000. He’s also purchased a rug and he’s been looking at some of Zaha’s alien furniture:

Pitt also ordered a rug made of aluminum thread from New York dealer Cristina Grajales, said director Elizabeth Murphy. The “Silver Sky” rug, created by Colombian designer Jorge Lizarazo and woven by the Colombian-based studio Hechizoo, will be priced at a rate of $175 per square foot, said Murphy.

The exact dimensions of the star’s rug had yet to be specified, she said.

Pitt was also interested in a gold lacquer-coated Fiberglass sofa by Zaha Hadid, offered by London-based dealer Kenny Schachter at $300,000.

“He’s thinking about the piece,” said Schachter.

This all sounds like the expensive version of a sitcom where the husband character goes out and buys a muscle car, or some other such piece of ridiculousness, and then tries to hide it from his wife. Except this will play out as such: “Bradley! Get in here! What’s this fiberglass sofa doing in the garage?! Tell me you didn’t pay money for this!”