Reuters Pours Cold Champagne on Latest Brangelina Wedding ‘Report’

Is there a more logically named reporter to set the record straight about a questionable Brangelina wedding report than a Reuters correspondent with the last name of Love, based in Paris? We think not.

Responding to an unbylined Hello! magazine item this morning that does not directly quote or name the mayor of Correns but still manages somehow to pin the scoop on that office, the right honorable Michael Latz told Reuters’ Brian Love that he is going to pursue Hello for “misleading statements.” He insisted he doesn’t even know who Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are:

“It’s nonsense. I’ve had 50 phone calls and I am telling everyone to get lost because this is tiresome and irritates me.”

Speculation was running high last week in The Hollywood Reporter and elsewhere that le weekend of August 11-12 was going to be when the superstar couple finally crossed the legal threshhold. But it apparently never happened, so now of course the hit-tastic speculative Internet reports are being reloaded for le weekend of August 18-19.

In another Reuters report last Friday, Correns deputy culure secretary Patrick Mareschi reminded that under French law, Brangelina will only be legally married if they I-do it at the local town hall. A ceremony held on the grounds of the couple’s chateau would not be officially recognized.

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