Brad Greenspan: Thorn In Rupe’s Side?

0702greenspan.jpgIs This Really ‘The Strangest Turn’ In The Murdoch Saga?

When Brad Greenspan announced his bid for the Wall Street Journal last week, everyone knew that it was pretty damn unlikely. It still is pretty damn unlikely. But the Times examined Greenspan’s bid and found that he has the potential to be a thorn in Rupert Murdoch‘s side.

Pertinent facts here:

  • Greenspan sued Murdoch for “anti-competitive behavior” in 2006.
  • When News Corp. purchased MySpace in 2005, Greenspan aggressively fought the bid.
  • Greenspan claims he encouraged his old company Intermix to create a “clone of Friendster” that became Myspace.
  • Greenspan himself was sued by Eliot Spitzer in 2005 over Intermix’s use of spyware. Intermix settled for $7.5 million.

Verdict: Greenspan officially replaces Brian Tierney as the wild card of the Dow Jones negotiations.