Brace for the Weekend: 21 Types of Drunk Texters Everyone Knows

We’ve all been guilty of texting when drinking… right? Because this list from Mashable of the 21 drunk texters we all know rings a little too close to home. I’ll go first: I’m the Planner when I am not drunk and the Instigator when I am drunk. Of course, I just like the list because it’s also an accurate description of 21 drunk types we probably know, and since it’s Friday, let’s celebrate the weekend by dreaming up of different ways to use our phone when drinking.

Visit Mashable for the complete list with screencaptures. 

The Philosopher

The Lonely Bar Goer

The Inappropriate Hashtagger

The Bruncher

The “I’m Not Even Drunk”

The Apologizers

The Life Examiners

The Out-of-Nowhere Random

The Unintelligible

The Amnesiac

The Lost Friend

The Emoji Storyteller

The Planner

The Awkward Sexter

The Touchy Feeler

The Party Hopper

The Random Thoughts

The Cosntant Updateer

The Mom

The Instigator

The Recent Single