BP CEO Makes Formal Apology On YouTube

Since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill began on April 20, BP has been getting a lot of negative press, has been the butt of many YouTube parodies and has been generally lambasted on Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the Web. The company has been responding via a BP branded Gulf of Mexico response YouTube page, where they have formally apologized for the event, and they are now asking YouTube users to become their “friends”.

A screenshot posted by Brady Brim shows a pop up ad on a YouTube video that says “Friend BP on YouTube: Visit BP’s YouTube Page for The Latest Gulf Spill Video Updates.” BP is really going to extremes with paid advertising to get viewers to watch their videos responding to the crisis.

The videos include a formal apology from BP’s CEO Tony Hayward. Hayward says, “The gulf spill is a tragedy that never should have happened…To those effected and your families, I’m deeply sorry.” Hayward talks about what BP is doing to help solve the crisis, protect the shorelines and clean up the mess.

Despite BP and Hayward’s attempt to reach the masses through YouTube, the campaign does not seem to be making much of an impact. The company’s YouTube page only has 2,945 subscribers and the account was created nearly a month ago on May 18. This is an incredibly small number, considering that the company has invested in a YouTube ad campaign to spread the word and ask users to friend BP.

Comments have been disabled on Hayward’s apology video, but that hasn’t stopped YouTube users from responding with their own video clips. The response clip with the most views comes from a kid from New Orleans who loves shrimp and has a few ideas of his own about how to stop the spill.

The truth of the matter is that the oil spill is not stopping and a measly YouTube apology campaign isn’t going to get many people forgive the multi-billion dollar corporation for what is still happening. When BP stops apologizing and starts fixing the problem, maybe they will have more success in trying to get people to become their friends on YouTube and beyond.

What do you think of Hayward’s YouTube apology? Would you be friends with BP on YouTube?

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