Adds LinkedIn Integration

BoxNetLogo.jpgOnline-storage service platform manager Jeremy Glassenberg detailed the company’s new OpenBox capability and integration with LinkedIn in a guest post on the LinkedIn Blog.

Glassenberg wrote:

We recently debuted a new OpenBox action, making it simple for Box users to access and share content with their LinkedIn networks from within the Box environment. The process takes all of a few seconds: Box users can select the LinkedIn application from the OpenBox tab and click “Add Application.” From there, sharing your Box files with anyone in your LinkedIn network is just a few clicks away, as outlined in our blog post. This new functionality adds to our earlier integration with LinkedIn, the Files application, which makes it easy for LinkedIn members to manage and share documents, folders and presentations on Box from within the LinkedIn site. Now you can access your content and contacts whether you’re on the LinkedIn or Box platform.

Box and LinkedIn have very similar philosophies: We believe in open platforms and connecting those cloud-based platforms to address the needs of businesses. Our developers were thrilled to find that LinkedIn’s open API was very easy to use, so much so that writing this latest OpenBox Action took only a few hours. This kind of easy integration is critical for the adoption of cloud-based enterprise tools to begin the massive hyper-growth stage that we’re anticipating. Over the next year, we hope to see more companies working together and connecting their cloud offerings in much the same manner.