Bounty Paper Towels to Become Plenty Paper Towels in Massive Branding Makeover


It’s Friday and we’re worn out after a very long week, so let’s start with something light this morning, okay? It’s been announced that, in the UK, the paper towel Bounty will be changing its name to Plenty (which was already a brand owned by the parent company SCA). And with it will come a multi-million dollar campaign to make Britons aware of the switch. While we’re sure the change is largely related to joining two brands together to help consolidate within the market, it’s bizarre that Bounty is the name getting cut, considering that, according to Brand Republic, “Bounty is current the number one brand with 20% share value.” Maybe the powers that be sat down one day and said, “Okay, no one has any money anymore. Do we go with the one with the showy name or the one that tells people, ‘Don’t worry, this is all you’ll need to get by’?”