Boundless Textbooks on iOS brings college textbooks, flashcards and quizzes to students


Online textbook provider Boundless has today announced the launch of its iOS app, giving students a new alternative for studying across more than 20 subjects, from Accounting to Writing. The app joins Boundless’ campaign to make learning easier and more affordable for college students that may not be able to afford the many expensive books assigned by their courses.

The Boundless Textbooks app is available to download for free on iPhone and iPod Touch. After users register for an account, they’re given the option of browsing their school’s assigned textbooks, purchasing the ones they’d like for $19.99 each.

[contextly_sidebar id=”4673b2eb109256ffb71c60f5c016f5e4″]The app also provides helpful user tools, including highlighting and note-taking abilities, a search system and quizzes with flashcards.

Aside from paid content, Boundless also offers textbook alternatives for free. More than 20 introductory textbooks are available for free on the company’s website, with no registration required to access them. These books have been optimized for mobile and are now available in Apple’s iBookstore, with Kindle support coming in the near future.

According to Boundless, students remember 60-80 percent of content they actively engage with via quizzes, flashcards, etc. This is in stark contrast to the 10-30 percent that students remember when completing only passive activities, like listening to lectures or reading.

To combat that low figure, Boundless has introduced a “spaced repetition” algorithm that will challenge students with those quizzes and flashcards to help them commit new information to memory before its forgotten.

“We’ve learned that students tend to not be very good studiers,” Boundless CEO Ariel Diaz told TechCrunch. “They haven’t learned good study habits, so we built them into core product, and we’ve done that in the form of using real learning signs to build a customized mini roadmap so they can study more effectively. We have a customized flashcards set, and there are learning algorithms on the back end so they have the right things to study for 5-10 minutes every day.”

The Boundless Textbooks iOS app is now available for free on iTunes. According to company figures, 94% of users received the grades they were expecting or higher after using the app last semester.

This move comes just weeks after Google announced a new system for purchasing and renting textbooks on Google Play for Android. These new alternatives, including Apple’s support of digital textbooks on the iBookstore, give students more tools they need to succeed, regardless of their budgets.