Bottom Feeding

Things we missed but didn’t forget. This week: sports media, specifically, baseball.

  • 24-year-old dude who shares our love of 1986 New York Mets and Nintendo’s R.B.I. Baseball — but with clearly way more time on his hands than us — reenacts Game 6 of the World Series, posts on YouTube and gets a job out of it. Awesome and maddening at-once. [WSJ]
  • Mets’ broadcaster and ex-’86-Met Keith Hernandez makes a degrading comment about “the ladies” and is reprimanded for it. [Deadspin]
  • What’s up with ex-ballpalyers-cum-announcers making off-base comments in the booth? ESPN’s Rick Sutcliffe gives a “rambling, slurred interview” on a San Diego Padres broadcast. At least he wasn’t actually working. [ESPN] (Deadspin has the video.)
  • The Keith Hernandez Seinfeld episode that never happened. [ESPN Page 2]
  • New York City to get new Mets ballpark, and it looks, as most artists’ renderings do, friggin’ awesome. [ESPN]
  • High Times‘ Bonghitters beat the Onion in softball. See for yourself via the “potcast.” [Blooming Ideas]