Bot Traffic Threatening Automotive Industry Online Ad Budgets

With more consumers starting their car buy process online, the automotive industry is investing more dollars into digital advertising.


In recent years, there has been an increase in bot traffic online. In fact, bot traffic makes up more than half of all U.S. Web traffic and some industries are more affected than others. According to a report from advertising and security firm Solve Media, nearly 40 percent of the traffic to automotive sites “acted suspiciously,” with nearly a quarter confirmed as bots.

More consumers are starting their car buying process online or using mobile devices. A Google report indicated that 80 percent of car buyers spend up to 18 hours researching before purchasing and more than 60 percent of customers are using their smartphones while at the dealership.

Of course the automotive industry is shifting more of its advertising dollars online to capture consumer attention. The challenge is understanding the quality of the traffic to avoid wasting precious ad budgets on poor quality bot traffic.

Solve Media CEO and founder Ari Jacoby has been beating this drum, encouraging companies to demand an engaged, human audience. Bigger budgets mean more power and influence, which puts automotive advertisers in the proverbial driver’s seat to demand accountability in our industry,” he said in a statement. “If they refuse to settle for anything less than zero-waste ad spend investments, the [advertising] industry will have no choice but to meet the demand.”

Image credit: Ѕolo

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