Boston Sports Teams Win Something Else: TV Ratings

Boston_Celtics.jpgBecause we grew up an hour south of Boston, we’re avid fans of any and all teams from Beantown (something that’s been pretty easy lately, although we won’t condone the actions of some members of our fanbase).

We were ridiculously excited about our beloved Celtics dominating the NBA playoffs… in the TV ratings. Thanks to huge nights on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday — games 2, 3 and 4 of their Finals series against the hated Lakers — ABC topped Fox, which had a 22-week winning streak. For the week ending June 15, ABC averaged 6.8 million viewers, while Fox managed 6 million.

Sunday night’s game averaged 17.4 million viewers — the highest-rated show of the week — but we imagine last night’s series-clinching win was higher. All we do is win.

(Sure, the Lakers helped ratings too, but we’re biased. That’s what being a sports fan is all about.)