Denis Leary Rolls With Cover Page Mistake

Never mind the spaces.

In the July issue of Boston magazine, Denis Leary tells a great Sam Kinison story. We were lucky enough to see Kinison live back in the day, in a similar comedy club setting. Everything in the Leary anecdote jives with our memory of the preacher-turned-punchline-screamer.


There’s also a pretty funny explanation of why the title of Leary’s current TV series, which returned for a second season June 30, is written the way it is. Boston magazine staff writer Chris Sweeney asked, ‘Why are there so many ampersands and no spaces in Sex&Drugs&rock&Roll?:’

“It was actually a mistake on the cover page of the initial pilot script. I didn’t really think twice about it. And a few months went by and we were going into production and the first marketing things came in and all the words were run together with the ampersands. And I said, ‘So you guys don’t want to separate the words?’ And they were like, ‘No, we liked the way it was on the title page of the pilot.’ And I was like, ‘I think that was a mistake.’ So now it’s just our trademark for as long as we exist.

Leary also clarifies the circumstances of how he used to cross paths, during his Emerson College days, with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Read the Q&A here.

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