The Boston Herald Has Tom Brady’s Back

Editorial deems NFL's punishment the equivalent of wicked stupid.

BostonHeraldBradyOn today’s front page, the paper has a different name for the PSI controversy: Inflate-Gate, a reference to what it believes is an excessive reprimand. Inside, the Herald taps the Dostoyevsky playbook, placing its scathing op-ed under the headline “‘Crime’ and Punishment” (with ‘Crime’ in quotes):

The conclusions reached by NFL Executive Vice President Troy Vincent in his incredibly officious letters to the team and to Brady would be laughed out of court based on the evidence in hand. But Vincent clearly didn’t need evidence of wrongdoing; it was enough simply to call Brady a liar as he pretty much did.

“The integrity of the game is of paramount importance to everyone in our league,” Vincent insisted.

What about the integrity of a league that makes up rules and punishments as it goes along?

At press time, a majority of the Herald’s online readers are in agreement with the editorial. A combined 68% of those answering a poll believe the evidence was “too thin” and the NFL was “out to get” the Patriots.

Meanwhile, on the other side of those AFC Championship balls, Indianapolis Star sports columnist Gregg Doyel sits completely above the front-page fold of his paper today. His op-ed, print-headlined “The Lesson: Cheaters Do Win,” begins as follows:

He got away with it. Tom Brady did. So did the Patriots. They got away with it, all of them, because what they did was cheat the Colts in the AFC Championship.

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