Boston Herald Publishes 20-Month-Old Jayson Blair Bipolar Mag Story

blair_bp_mag.jpgLast year, disgraced New York Times reporter Jayson Blair wrote an article for bp, a magazine that chronicles bipolar disorder. And by last year we mean April 28, 2005. The editor of this blog wrote about Blair’s newfound calling as an editor at Folio:. Now, some 20 months later, the Boston Herald decided to contact bp‘s editor to ask why:

“It went through a very rigorous editing process,” said editor Nancy Tobin. “We just have a very rigorous editing process and a great deal of fact checking.”

Tobin admits she was skeptical of Blair at first. “When I first got a call from Jayson Blair I was very surpised,” said Tobin, who didn’t know he’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Before he wrote for them, Tobin said she “made very careful verfications that he was who he said he was” and had him fax her his diagnosis from his psychiatrist’s office. “I was not a fan of Jayson Blair or what he had done,” Tobin said. But after spending a lot of time talking with Blair and having him outline his story, the magazine agreed to publish it. “If we weren’t going to publish his story, what good where we?”

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