Boston Herald Offers Buyouts To Everyone

The Boston Herald is offering buyouts to all of its 385 employees, the paper reported Friday.

Employees taking the buyout package would need to decide by July 1, and would receive two weeks’ salary for each year of service. No layoffs will occur if not enough people sign up for the buyout, we think.

The staffing adjustments we’re making are a result of revenue pressure all newspapers are experiencing,” said Herald president and publisher Patrick J. Purcell in a statement. “However, the financial efficiencies we are undertaking, coupled with the really great print and online products we publish every day, will position us well for the future.”

The Guild is telling people to accept—or not—but not to fret. “This is nothing like the dire situation we encountered a few years ago, when so many of our union brothers and sisters left or were laid off,” said Guild chairperson Bill Brotherton in an email to colleagues. “We are not going out of business. This is a belt-tightening move by Pat Purcell and his financial team…If you have no interest in applying for a buyout, just toss the letter in the trash,” he said.