Bossa Studios reveals dental surgery in Surgeon Simulator 2013 on iPad


Bossa Studios has released a teaser video for its upcoming iPad version of Surgeon Simulator 2013, the surprise hit, over-the-top surgery simulation game that allows users to smash rib cages and rip out intestines using unorthodox tools. The teaser shows the game moving away from the rib cage and abdomen, and into a new area: dental surgery.

The trailer shows off just a glimpse of the dentist mode, as we see our patient’s mouth gaping open, offering access to his teeth. Players will be able to use tools including hammers and other medical equipment to get at the teeth, replacing them just as they would a faulty heart or brain in the rest of the game.

The game’s Twitter account has offered some additional details, including the fact that this iPad release has an entirely new control system, along with some new operations to conduct. Instead of tapping on buttons to control the fingers, as one holds keys on the keyboard in the PC version, “your hand is the hand.”

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is coming soon to iPad. Check back soon for more.

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