Bosnia Is Angry At 'The Socal Network'

People in Bosnia and Herzegovina are deeply offended by a quip in "The Social Network" that people outside of that region don't even remember after they've left the movie theater or ejected the DVD.

Do you remember the line from The Social Network that went, “Bosnia, they don’t have roads, but they have Facebook?” Neither did we. But that offhanded remark has angered all of Bosnia.

Bosnians have started numerous forum threads and discussions focusing on that line in The Social Network. People in that part of the world apparently have a hard time telling whether the remark was intened as an insult to the country, despite admitting that there’s some truth in the statement. Translations of U.S. movies into foreign languages, whether through voice-overs or captions, often sacrifices intonatons that would make clear when a joke is in fact a joke.

It was really interesting to see how this remark that’s far from being central to the movie’s plot drew the attention of people in Bosnia. The Social Network isn’t the first movie to mention this part of the world in a tone that people outside of the U.S. might have misinterpreted (e.g. The Rock), but the Facebook movie was featured on TV news because of the remark and ever since then it’s been one of the most-discussed films of all.

What made Bosnians so angry? Well, Bosnians in fact have a lot of pride and many of us classified the remark as arrogance and typical “ignorance of the Americans.”

Nevertheless, the buzz tells a lot about the popularity of Facebook and the movie in this part of the world. The Social Network was long awaited in Bosnia and that adds to the attention paid to the remark.

Note that we added some U.S. spin to the post by guest writer Mirza Hatipovic, a freelance facebook developer who created QuickPool.