Borders to Carry the Motorola Xoom

Borders has Motorola’s new Android tablet up for pre-order.

This is a 10″ Android tablet that is just now hitting the market. It’s running  Android v3.0 on a dual 1GHz CPU with 32GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, a pair of cameras (2MP, 5MP w\flash), Bluetooth, Wifi, and all around impressive specs.

Borders is listing it for $599, so this is probably the Wifi only model (it’s not clear). This is one of the first tablets to ship with Google’s blessing, and it has the full suite of Google apps, as well as the Android Marketplace.

It is something of a shock to see Borders add a new gadget while it is in the middle of bankruptcy, I think. But on the upside, when the rest of the company goes under I might be able to pick one up cheap.