Borders Store Closing Sales To Start Tomorrow

Not one to waste time, Borders announced yesterday that all 200 soon to be closed stores will start their going out of business sales tomorrow, the 19th of February, and are scheduled to be done before April 1st. The press release promises discounts of 20% to 40% at every location. That’s not much; Borders usually sells DVDs at 30% off.

Before you buy anything, you might want to make sure it’s actually a good deal. The first day of going out of business sales usually aren’t worth attending. You will usually find prices to be higher than the normal selling price.

In fact, the e-reader will almost certainly be selling for the full retail price tomorrow (the one that no one ever actually paid). You could get a better value if you bought on Amazon.

If you don’t know if your store is closing, you could call and ask. Or you could check this map. Note that it doesn’t show the stores in Puerto Rico, and at least 2 stores on the island are closing.

Update: PW is reporting that the clsosing sales started today. My source said tomorrow, but it could have been wrong. Either way, the difference is minor.