Borders Hires Digital Specialist In Stores


Borders it taking eBooks seriously. The retailer has hired staff to help shoppers in stores navigate the new eBook world.

The Cleveland Examiner reports: “Borders Westlake store has a Digital Specialist on staff to help customers deal with eBook and eReader purchases — they carry Kobo, Aluratek, and Sony products. Brian is knowledgeable about various eReader alternatives and pricing.”

This multichannel approach comes after Borders recently opened up an eBookstore and launched an eReader app. Also, last week, Borders started shipping Aluratek’s $119 Libre eBook Reader Pro.

Borders has a great chart outlining the eReaders available on the marketplace. While it leaves out the iPad, it does highlight the features and the price of Libre, Kobo, Nook, Kindle and a couple of Sony eReaders.